Vaccination is an important component to preventing disease in your pet. Puppy and kitten vaccine protocols are designed to boost the youngster’s immune system as the protection passed from mom wanes. As that timeline is unique for each animal, we administer boosters as a precaution. Older animals with previous known vaccine history will require boosters at different times depending on the particular vaccine. Older animals without known vaccination history must receive a booster of all but the Rabies vaccine and intranasal Kennel Cough vaccine within 3-4 weeks of the initial vaccine or they will be considered not protected. Vaccines can be a confusing subject so please speak truthfully to our staff so we can protect your pet adequately.


8 Weeks (1st visit)
Distemper Vaccination (without Lepto) - $40.00
*Bordatella Vaccination – Intranasal -$22.00

12 weeks
Distemper Vaccination (with Lepto) - $25.00
* Bordatella Vaccination Booster - Injectable - $22.00

16 weeks
Distemper Vaccination (with Lepto) - $25.00
Rabies Vaccination – 1 year - $26.00
* Bordatella Vaccination Booster – Injectable - $22.00

18 weeks
* Lyme Vaccine – $32.00

20 weeks
* Lyme Vaccine Booster - $32.00


Distemper vaccination:
Distemper, Adenovirus 2, Parainfluenza, Parvovirus – Required vaccine. Covers for many of the contagious diseases of dogs. Boostered in 1 year, then repeated every 3 years

Rabies Vaccination:
Required by law – Boostered in 1 year, then repeated every 3 years

L4 Vaccination:
Leptospirosis – This vaccinates for a bacteria that is spread via wild animal urine and can be found in all bodies of water. Boostered Annually (Can be included in the distemper vaccine)

* Bordatella Vaccination:
Kennel Cough – Boostered annually based on risk (boarding, traveling, grooming, etc)

* Lyme Vaccination:
Recommended annually based on risk (tick exposure)

* Optional Vaccine, chosen based on animal’s exposure

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